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About This Project

BLAST Pro Series İstanbul Influencer Marketing!

BLAST Pro Series İstanbul Influencer Marketing! Our influencer marketing project for Turkey’s biggest esport event, BLAST Pro Series Istanbul. 6,000 fans have created a great atmosphere throughout the day in the arena with tickets they have purchased for the tournament. The host Space Soldiers applauded by the arena audience from the moment they appear on arena. At the same time, international teams, MIBR, Cloud9, Astralis, Virtus.Pro and NiP teams were greeted enthusiastically by the crowd.
More than 600,000 comments on Twitch, media coverage in 71 countries, TV broadcast in 129 countries, and more than 6 million viewers on Twitch and Chinese channels on Friday and Saturday, with significant participation in social media of the event and teams. The BLAST Pro Series Turkey has become something global with numbers.
What have we done before event?
As Gaming in Turkey Game and Esports Agency, we conducted sponsorship and marketing activities of BLAST Pro Series Istanbul tournament. In this tournament, which is described as Formula 1 of the Esports world, we have guided brands about entering esports.
We have made our most important step in this regard with global aviation company as transportation sponsor, Turkish Airlines. Super FM, Metro FM, Joy FM, JoyTurk, Virgin Radio and Karnaval became media partners for BLAST Pro Series Istanbul.
As TIP Effect Influencer Marketing Agency, we have ensured that this magnificent tournament will reach a large audience with the most popular streamers from Twitch and YouTube platforms in Turkey. The famous Twitch streamer Cantuğ ‘Unlost’ Özsoy and former esport player Berk “RIP” Tepe, presented the tournament live on Twitch. Before the live broadcast, we invited our viewers also to BLAST Pro Series Istanbul tournament on streamer broadcasts.
With the beloved presenter Zeynep Gençağa, we have provided Turkish presentation supports for BLAST Pro Series Istanbul in Ülker Event and Sports Hall. Ilker Karas, one of the popular names of the Turkish Esports community, analyzed teams with his comments. Also, in the Ulker Event and Sports Hall, Berker “ghandi” Kubat and Bahadır “Jakobian” Öztürk, talked to the audience with live match expressions.
Also on Twitch and YouTube, Umutcan “umanc4n” Erkut, Batu “Videoyun” Bozkan, Irmak “Helian” Kandemir, Yusuf “Mirliva” Aydın, Kemalcan “Kendine Müzisyen” Parlak, Şükrü “Utheneras” Şentürk and Ferit “Wtcn” Karakaya” invited people to the tournament with ticket giveaways and prizes.
About BLAST Pro Series
BLAST Pro Series is the world’s most exciting live esports tournament. All your favorite teams battle it out live on stage. A format that delivers the best experience for the players, the sport and the audience whether watched at home or in the buzzing arena. This is world-class live entertainment, like you have never seen it before.