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About This Project

Rise of Kingdoms YouTube Influencer Marketing! We conducted influencer marketing for Lilith Games, publisher of some of the most played mobile games world. Rise of Kingdoms is an online strategy mobile game. It is also possible to fight with players from various parts of the world on the same side as you can in the game where you can develop your kingdom. World history’s many impression important roles in the game. These; Roman Civilization, German Civilization, England Civilization, French Civilization, Spanish Civilization, Chinese Civilization, Japanese Civilization, Korean Civilization, Arab Civilization, Ottoman and Byzantine Civilization. There are different aspects where every civilization is good. In this way, you can choose the one that suits you best and start defeating your opponents. It is also possible for you to reach your dreams by choosing the most sympathetic and improving your civilization.

Rise of Kingdoms YouTube Influencer Marketing – YouTubers who work in our influencer marketing project for Rise of Kingdoms;

  • Alper Rende
  • Aras Karafil
  • Barış Can
  • Deli Mi Ne
  • Emrecan Önal (Gereksiz Oda)
  • Enes Batur
  • Facia Üçlü
  • Hazreti Yasuo
  • Kafalar
  • Kozmik Karınca
  • Mendebur Lemur
  • MervanT
  • MuratAbiGF
  • Oha Diyorum
  • Oyunbros
  • Recep LoL Oynuyor
  • Umidi
  • Webtekno
  • Yargıç Tony