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About This Project

Sanalika Pınar Kido Game Entegration!

In order to spread our “Pınar Kido Space Stories” campaign to the large masses, to bring the inspiring and educational aspects of Pınar Kido together with the creativity of children, we have created a Space Camp in a web browser game with 20 million registered player, Sanalika! With this Space Camp, we have designed the most popular street of Sanalika in Pinar Kido Space fiction. Players took their special missions from the Kido characters. The Mission; visiting planets in solar system and collecting Pınar Kido 6 Packages. The main purpose of the campaign was to explore space and fun for children in their favorite game platform Sanalika! Planets were introduced one by one.
We also organized a painting contest that reveals the creativity of interacting children! 6 successful participating children won the Sanalika Artist Badge. At the end of the campaign, Pınar Kido sales increased 44% compared to previous months.

Pınar Kido Missions

More than 150,000 missions taken

More than 120,000 missions completed

Campaign Video

More than 600.000 views

In-Game interaction

More than 2.000.000 interaction

Pınar Kido Space Camp has reached more than 1,000,000 children.

Socialising Platform

Players express themselves with cartoon character in Sanalika. A game with colorful places and beautiful city view. Users can play games and chat with friends.

Big Virtual World

Sanalika is a huge virtual world which has 10 million users and ten thousand online player. This fun world gets bigger and crowded every single day. The game offers users appreciation of unique character, streets, parks, buildings and rooms with many games like chees, darts, pong etc.
Sanalika Pınar Kido Game Entegration!