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About This Project

Volentix Xmax Kriptocu Influencer Marketing! Our influencer marketing project with Bitcoin Xmaxpro Kriptocu for Volentix, from crypto money ecosystems. The first objective of Volentix, inspired by a scientific article, is to educate the public about the characteristics of the Volentix project, to support the process through incentives and at the same time and to increase the number of potential participants.
Especially nowadays, the vast majority of people have begun to see closely the risks of the ups and downs in the world of Bitcoin and other crypto currencies. Volentix is developing a digital asset ecosystem (DAE), where people gather all the tools they need to help them get into the digital asset world more easily and securely. To support this vision, they will soon implement an incentive program funded by VTX, a digital asset of Volentix.
About Volentix
Volentix is an ecosystem which created to improve the use of crypto money currencies. Volentix project is the result of a joint effort to enhance the use of crypto currency. In the direction of this purpose Volentix includes a decentralized crypto currency clearing stock exchange, a wallet support for multiple currencies, a cryptographic currency analytical engine with a listed control panel by artificial intelligence and VTX coins published on EOS blockchain.
With cross-blockchain security system, Volentix builds a decentralized digital asset structure with a user-friendly and market-friendly market rating feature and an analytical interface and incentive-based inventory structure. Voltentix is an independent organization. The management of VTX allows disruptive or non-manipulative transactions aimed at the development and stability of VTX among coin holders.
Volentix Xmax Kriptocu Influencer Marketing!