Acer Can Sungur Influencer Marketing!Acer, which has become the world’s 3rd largest computer manufacturer as of 2009, is a Taiwan-based computer and hardware manufacturer. In addition to computer production, Acer also develops products such as screens, computer by-products and digital cameras. Especially with its high-performance computer models, it has succeeded in satisfying its users both in business rushes and in personal use. Continuing to work for gamers in recent years, Acer also manages to get high marks from users at this point.


Acer Can Sungur Influencer Marketing – YouTube – Facebook – Twitter – Instagram

As part of the influencer marketing campaign we carried out with Can Sungur, many videos were published on YouTube. The subject of these videos was constantly changing. One video was the conversation about the agenda, the other was a direct evaluation and promotion about the performance of the product sent. Games with high system requirements were tested with the Acer Helios 300 and videos were published on YouTube.

Apart from our YouTube-focused campaign, we also held sweepstakes with Can Sungur. Thanks to these sweepstakes held on his Instagram account, Can Sungur’s followers won from laptops and limited edition wristwatches introduced on the channel. On the other hand, we aimed to achieve brand awareness, product promotion and brand loyalty.

Acer has always been included in Can Sungur’s publications, in the closed Facebook group and in the posts on Twitter.

Within the scope of Acer Can Sungur Influencer Marketing activities, we achieved over 76,000 views, nearly 6,000 interactions and 5,000 likes on YouTube. With the stories and posts published on Instagram, we achieved over 69.000 impressions and over 60.000 access. On Twitter, we received over 108,000 impressions and over 15,000 interactions.