Our Influencer Marketing project on Instagram for the 14th Akbank Short Film Festival with Ezgi Zorba, owner of Turkey’s popular YouTube movie channel Ezgi’s Kanal. To encourage the production of short films followed by a large audience, to ensure that they are screened in appropriate conditions and reach the audience, to support new filmmakers who contribute to the country’s cinema, to promote the short film, to present examples from different cultures from the world and Turkey, to discuss the short film in a festival culture. The Akbank Short Film Festival was held for the first time in 2004 in order to create a festival tradition that moviegoers will enjoy.

The event, which grows a little more each year, hosts two main competitive sections, national and international, as well as various workshops, interviews and masterclasses where experienced names in the cinema industry share their experiences. Akbank Short Film Festival, which takes place every year for ten days at Akbank Sanat, where all events are free to the audience, includes “Festival Shorts”, “Shorts from the World”, “From Short to Long”, “Experiences”, “Documentary Cinema”, “Perspective”, It consists of “Special Screening” and “Forum” sections. Many films from the world’s leading film festivals such as Cannes, Berlin and Venice are included in the program every year. Akbank Short Film Festival Ezgin’s Channel Instagram Influencer Marketing!