Aylin Şengün Taşçı Turkish Art Music Live Performance! Among the Turkish Art Music Artists, a very popular TURKISH ART MUSIC SOUND ARTIST Aylin Şengün Taşcı’s live performance and duets…

Aylin Şengün Taşçı Turkish Classical Music Live Performance

About Aylin Şengün Taşçı; Aylin Şengün Taşçı, who is very popular among Turkish Classical Music Artists, was born in Ankara. He started his musical life by studying Classical Western Music in TRT Istanbul Radio Children’s Choir, which he was entitled to enter through the exam. Then she was selected as a soprano voice for the TRT Istanbul Radio Youth Choir and continued her Classical Western Music education for 5 more years at this institution.

Between 1982 and 1987, he studied at Istanbul University, Faculty of Political Sciences, Department of Public Administration. In the same period, he passed the exams of the Istanbul Municipal Conservatory Turkish Music Department. He studied Turkish Classical Music and Turkish Music at this school for six years. After graduating from university, he entered the Tercüman newspaper and wrote articles on culture and art, especially music. In 1990, at the request of tanburi Necdet Yaşar, he joined the staff of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism Istanbul State Turkish Music Ensemble as a trained artist. Here, in addition to Necdet Yaşar, Prof. Dr. He benefited from the lessons of Alaeddin Yavaşca. After he started to deal with music professionally, his relationship with the press continued. After writing columns on music and Istanbul for 2 years in Günaydın newspaper, he prepared and presented programs on music and various fields (Turkish Classical Music Songs) on BRT, TRT and TGRT televisions, and later on various private radios. In 2004, he became the Artistic Director of the Istanbul State Turkish Music Ensemble.

Three solo albums were released by Akustik Music: “Aşktan Yana” in 2005, “Huzur” in March 2012, and “Hatırla” in 2013. About Aylin Şengün Taşçı; In addition to the periodic concerts with the ensemble she works with, she has signed various project concerts. She prepared three albums of the Istanbul State Turkish Music Ensemble called “Bir Modern Zaman Mehtabiyesi”, “Ustadan Çırağa” ve “Baba – Oğul Bestekârlar”. In 2010, she gave a seminar on the famous female composer Leyla Saz and a concert attached to it at the international meeting titled “Women’s History Network” organized by the University of Warwick, England. In 2011, she prepared and presented the music program “Bir Fincan Kahve”, which was broadcast live for a year on TRT Istanbul Radio. She gave concerts in different venues of Istanbul as the soloist of the music groups Türk Kahvesi and Çaresaz. Between 2009 and 2015, she lectured as a lecturer on Turkish Music Solfeggio and Political Science at two different institutes at Medipol University. She founded and directed amateur choirs named Mısra Turkish Music Ensemble, Neveser Konakları Turkish Music Chorus, Nevasel Turkish Music Ensemble, Medipol University Turkish Music Chorus. She still continues to lead the choirs of Mısra and Nevasel, which are made up of amateurs. Since 2015, she has been participating in the Turkish leg of the international women’s organization called IWF, whose short name is IWF, as an art representative member.

With the change made in his position in the Istanbul State Turkish Music Ensemble, he continues to work as a vocal artist as well as a band manager. In January 2016, Kalan Music released his 5th album on “Yahya Kemal Beyatlı ve Nazım Hikmet Şiirlerinden Bestelenmiş Eserler”. Her sixth album called “Andıkça – Lem’i Atlı Şarkıları” was released in January 2017. His latest album “Git” met with music lovers in August 2017. Aylin Şengün Taşçı Turkish Classical Music Live Performance