BASF Mixx Awards Promotional Video; chemical company BASF, with its mission “We create chemistry for a sustainable future”, has implemented the worldwide social responsibility project “Kids’ Lab” to make children love chemistry and science. This video describes the in-game integration with Sanalika as part of this project.

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BASF Mixx Awards Promotional Video

BASF Mixx Awards Promotional Video; With our partner company Netcom Medya, we shot a video of the collaboration of BASF and Sanalika, which is an incredibly successful game integration. Netcom Media’s gamification project was also awarded at the Mixx Awards, and achieved a great success. We tried to show all the details as possible in the promotional video where we produced the entire video from A to Z. Let us also tell you about this beautiful project that won the Mixx Awards;

With the mission of “We create chemistry for a sustainable future”, the world’s leading chemical company BASF has implemented the “Kids’ Lab” social responsibility project around the world to make children love chemistry and science. Kids’ Lab has reached nearly 500 thousand children in 35 countries so far. They brought science to more than 10,000 children in Turkey.

BASF collaborated with the virtual world game Sanalika, created in Turkey, in order to deliver Kids’ Lab to all children across Turkey, apart from its activity areas. In this way, children from every province of Turkey have stepped into the miracles of science in a digital world with different in-game fictions.

A special “Chemistry island” has been created for BASF in Sanalika. Here, users had the chance to travel as they wished, to learn chemistry in a fun way and to experience it in a virtual environment.

At BASF 150th Anniversary in-game celebrations, players had fun and celebrated BASF’s 150th anniversary.

Microscope workshop studies were also moved to Sanalika. Thus, users had the chance to examine the items they see in their daily lives in the virtual world with a microscope.

About BASF;

We create chemistry for a sustainable future

In line with our corporate goal, our more than 112,000 employees work to contribute to the success of our customers in almost every country and sector. Our broad product portfolio covers a wide range from chemicals and plastics to performance products, from crop protection products to oil and gas. In 2015, BASF reported sales of €70 bilion and about €6.7 billion pre-special items. We combine economic success with environmental protection and social responsibility. Through research and innovation, we support our customers in nearly all industries to meet the current and future needs of society. We summarize this contribution with our corporate message: We create chemistry for a sustainable future.