Our influencer marketing work with famous journalist, writer and presenter Ece Vahapoğlu for Bioritm Beauty Institute. Biortim Beauty Institute, which always follows science and technology in face and body and collects the most successful systems, reveals its successes in CACI Synergy with Ece Vahapoğlu.

About Bioritm Beauty Institute:

They have gathered the most successful systems under the roof of Bioritm by always following science and technology in face and body. Following the skin care success that came with Dior, they became a beauty institute brand whose name and successes are mentioned a lot in cellulite, body thinning and tightening with the Italian slimming system Biofit.

In the 10th year of its establishment, they opened a second branch to serve women on both the European and Anatolian sides. Currently, Bioritm Beauty Institute, where the entire care menu of Japanese cosmetics brand Kanebo’s top-of-the-line Sensai products, is located in Istanbul, on Bağdat Street and Nişantaşı.