Bosch Sanalika Promotional Video: Bosch Environment Club, which has been promoting environmental awareness, nature, natural life and love for nature to young people and children for years, continued its social responsibility projects for youth and children in 2016. The Sanalika game platform, which has maintained its popularity for years, provided players with enjoyable moments and raised their awareness with multiple events throughout the year.

Bosch Sanaika Promotional Video: Activities throughout the year started with World Water Day on 22 March. A water saving study was carried out in order to draw attention to the importance of the issue and to inform children and young people about it. It was explained how to save money by washing the dishes in the dishwasher instead of washing them by hand, and the message was given that water, which is our source of life, will run out if it is not used consciously. 23 April National Sovereignty and Children’s Day painting competition was held; The winning paintings were exhibited in the Painting and Exhibition Center building in Sanalika. When May came, our mothers were given the message that the best gift for Mother’s Day is actually their children and their love. A new message area has been opened in the game on behalf of the Bosch Environment Club. 14.260 unique users took in-game screenshots and sent a “Mother’s Day” message to their mothers. During the summer, the topic of “Healthy Eating” was discussed, and Sanalika players performed the task of picking organic fruits from the fields and squeezing them in the juicer. Thus, it was emphasized that fresh fruit juices are much healthier instead of concentrated products. Finally, apart from these all-year-round assignments, the Bosch Environment Club invited the players to the club’s “New Year” party in December, instead of assigning them tasks. Announcements were made in all areas from all social media channels to in-game instant messages. On December 31, 2016, 38,000 unique users entered the new year with the parties, concerts, celebrations and events organized by Bosch Environment Club in Sanalika

Bosch Sanalika Promotional Video: At the end of the year, in the light of all these events,

1,795,048 tasks were received, of which 1,610,721 were completed. The total number of unique users who completed the tasks was 945,749. While the average quest completion time was 13 minutes, the total time spent by players with BÇK branded content was 20,939,373 minutes. This equates to 348,989 hours, or 14,541 days, or 39.8 years. A total of 4.4 million visits were made by 2.5 million unique users to the Bosch Virtual Store, which was opened into the game.

Bosch Sanalika Promotional Video

Bosch Virtual Video Promotional Video: In 2016, the Bosch Environment Club reached millions of young people in their world, in the style they love; both entertained and enlightened them.

Influencer Marketing

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