Coca-Cola Ultimate Influencer Marketing Project 2023! As Coca-Cola’s gaming and esports agency in 25 countries, we carried out a major influencer marketing project for the limited edition product launched by Coca-Cola in partnership with Riot Games. In our project for the “Coca-Cola Ultimate”, we worked with the biggest names in the gaming world. 

Coca-Cola Ultimate Influencer Marketing Project

We prepared a special box for the new flavor “Coca-Cola Ultimate”, which took its place on the shelves with the cooperation of Riot Games and Coca-Cola. We wanted to reach influencers with an experience that would make them feel special at every stage to try the new flavor before anyone else.

In the boxes we prepared for Coca-Cola Ultimate, in addition to Ultimate drinks, we added Riot Games-approved badge pins, stickers, and personalized cards for influencers. We, as Gaming in Turkey | MENA | EU, carried out the pin, sticker and card designs with also the assembly and delivery of the box. We realized the box’s production in cooperation with the Golin Agency.

We delivered the Ultimate boxes to the influencers we selected in accordance with our target audience and around the League of Legends game. With many different edits and integrations on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitch, we started to hear the name “Coca-Cola Ultimate” everywhere in a short time. 

Social media details of Coca-Cola Ultimate Influencer Marketing Project

We produced 29 different “Coca-Cola Ultimate” Reels videos, including 3 cosplay videos with the influencers we worked with within the scope of our project. We participated in a total of 11 different Twitch broadcasts, including 2 mission content, 8 tournament broadcasts, and 1 LAYER LoL broadcast. We produced 4 different YouTube video content.

The influencers we worked with in the project:

  • Barış Can
  • BurakOyunda
  • Hype
  • Telcharming
  • Stratera
  • Karminil
  • Elraenn
  • ZEON
  • Thaldrin
  • Uthenera
  • Naru
  • Crystal
  • Holyphoenix
  • Kassasins Creed
  • LynxCerez
  • Burce
  • Zegabon
  • Ogün Demirci
  • Elayja
  • Adalances
  • Slmbnoguzhan
  • Taowb
  • Trielbaenre
  • Ezgininkanali
  • Rraenee
  • Only35
  • Melodi Kızılgün
  • Aldrean
  • Lisaranel
  • Melquiem

The statistics we have achieved with the influencers we work with on Instagram:

Total Views: 3.9M

Total Comments: 6430

Total Likes: 344.6K

Total Engagement: 380.7K

The statistics we achieved with the influencers we work with on Youtube:

Total views: 1.4M

Total Comments: 3057

Total Likes: 89.5K

Total Impressions: 3.9M

The statistics we achieved with the influencers we work with on Twitch:

Total Average Views: 24K

Total Maximum Views: 33.1K

Total Live Views: 461.4K

Total Unique Viewers: 201K

Statistics we achieved with the influencers we work with on TikTok:

Total Views: 47K

Total Comments: 390

Total Likes: 3.8K

Total Engagement: 4.8K