Our influencer marketing work with Berke Erol, one of the Twitch publishers, for the Combat Arms: the Classic game.

Prepare to fall into a conflict zone. Experience fierce combat in dense forests, abandoned industrial fields and more for up to 15 players with a place where you control your own game and your fully customized character. Grab your gear and get ready to fight!


It is the classic and most played mode of the game. There are two teams in this mode (Alpha-Bravo). Teams try to destroy each other. In this mode, you respawn after you die.

Elimination Pro:

It’s like an elimination mode, except that it includes rounds. 2 teams start a battle, when all members of any team die, the other team wins, and so on.

One Man Army:

In this mode, everyone becomes one and you try to kill anyone who comes your way. You respawn 3 seconds after you die.

Search and Destroy:

This mode is played in two teams. A team tries to bombard a certain area. The other tries to prevent it. After you die in this mode, you have to wait for the round to end.

Capture the Flag:

This mode is also played in two teams. Your task is to take the flag of the opposing team and bring it next to your own flag. Whoever brings the most flags wins.

Fire Team:

This mode is played against the computer. Your task is to reach the escape area by killing the players managed by the computer.


This mod can be revolutionary. Because it is the first zombie mod in MMOFPS. In the Quarantine mode, which is one of the most enjoyable modes of the game, it counts down from 10 at the start of the round. When the countdown ends, 1 or 2 of the players become zombies. Zombies have to infect other players and turn them into zombies within 2 minutes. Humans, on the other hand, have to either hide or work together, as zombies are so resilient.

Character Customization

Over 30 real world weapons, from assault rifles to Shotguns, all at your disposal. Secondary weapons such as various grenades, LAW rockets and mines are also included in the game. In addition, your soldier can equip various camouflage items, cosmetics such as helmets, armored vests, berets, bandanas and sunglasses. New items will be added constantly that can give you an advantage on the battlefield.

Interchangeable Weapons

Silencers, scopes and extended magazines can be added to your weapons as equipment. Your weapon can be tailored to your specific wishes and mission needs.

Clan System

Just because you’re a good soldier doesn’t mean you have to be alone all the time! All kinds of opportunities to form the best team, from the management of the candidates to the notifications you have prepared for your members, are all in the game. You can easily find matches with other players’ clans through the Clan Encounter System and you can be the best clan.