Doping Memory is a digital learning platform where users get effective results by using modern-day online education methods and artificial intelligence technology in preparation for TYT-AYT-LGS-KPSS-ALES and DGS exams and within the scope of supporting school lessons. Users have the opportunity to reach their goals by watching the original videos of the courses included in the package they purchased and solving a sufficient number of questions, all of which have solution videos.

Some of the features used for the first time in Turkey;

  • Artificial intelligence supported smart test panel
  • Memory techniques
  • Mind maps
  • Personalized study program support
  • Infographics
  • Guidance videos
  • Development Information System specially prepared for parents

Doping Hafıza LIVAD Digital Marketing Project

As Gaming in Turkey, we planned a campaign process for Doping Memory, which continues to be the most accurate address for users through the innovative technologies developed in August 2021, where we can target students studying in Turkey. Doping, which serves in many different fields, not only high school and university exams. We discovered that the target audience of Memory is also quite large. We carried out this campaign process with LIVAD.

LIVAD develops cutting-edge on-air advertising products that connect brands with broadcasters. This developed technology enables brands to present elegant and interactive advertisements without interrupting their enjoyment while appearing in front of the audience. It allows publishers of all sizes to consistently monetize their content.

Thanks to the category selection feature provided by Livad, we focused on the publishers and categories that the target audience of Doping Memory might be interested in. Publishers also mentioned Doping Memory in our advertisements that appeared only in the categories we determined. In this way, interaction with the audience was established.

We thought that it would be beneficial to carry out a different marketing action for Doping Memory, which has won the admiration of its users with its innovative technologies, and that it would attract attention to its audience with live broadcasts. In the campaign we carried out for 1 month, we were the guests of the broadcasts of the content producers followed by people from many different age groups.