Doraemon Kindergarten Activities: The fun activities we did in order were as follows;

Colorful Doraemon characters (Doraemon, Nobita, Shizuka, Gian, Suneo) turned the school into a complete Doraemon world.

We gave a special Doraemon Tshirt to all of our little ones and they wore them during the event.

We started the activities by explaining Doraemon first. Actually, we don’t need to explain much. They all knew better than us.

Afterwards, we hid the magic tools whose thumbnails we prepared in various parts of the school and wanted our little ones to find them.

Our third session was to watch Doraemon Lazy Day. The children watched the episode with great attention and fun.

Our next session was painting time. Our little ones painted a beautiful picture of Doraemon.

When the weather was nice, we did the next part of the activities in the garden. Our little ones had a lot of fun and danced to the accompaniment of Doraemon, our special mascot, and Doraemon songs in both Japanese and Turkish. They took pictures with Doraemon.

Farewells were always bittersweet, and we gave each kindergarten a special Doraemon wall clock as a gift. Doraemon Kindergarten Activities went very well for all of us.


  • Etiler N.E. (Neşe Erberk Kindergarden)
  • Kemerburgaz N.E. (Neşe Erberk Kindergarden)
  • Florya N.E. (Neşe Erberk Kindergarden)
  • Bahçeşehir N.E. (Neşe Erberk Kindergarden)
  • Nasrettin Hoca Çekmeköy Kindergarden
  • Nasrettin Hoca Taşdelen Kindergarden
  • Ortaköy N.E. (Neşe Erberk Kindergarden)
  • Ataşehir N.E. (Neşe Erberk Kindergarden)
  • Beylikdüzü N.E. (Neşe Erberk Kindergarden)
  • Günay Kindergarden
  • Kaşgarlı Mahmut Kindergarden
  • Atanur Oğuz Kindergarden
  • Kemal Atatürk Kindergarden
  • Bilge Kağan Kindergarden
  • Semiha Şakir Kindergarden 

About AI Turkey;
Animation International Limited (AIL)  It has been one of the industry’s leading licensing agencies in Asia for over 40 years. Founded by Mr. Hiroshi Kondo in the 1960s, AIL operates in 13 countries in Asia and collaborates with strong names in their respective industries.

AIL; Turner has partnered with network companies such as STAR TV, Viacom, 7Eleven, Wal-Mart, Carrefour, Tesco, McDonald’s, KFC, etc. collaborated with many other international strong brands.

Having introduced “Doraemon” to the market years ago, AIL expands its borders in the licensing and merchandising business by serving more than 100 brands with its official offices in 13 countries and affiliated companies in many other countries of the world. AI TURKEY is the last subsidiary of AIL. AI Turkey, which started its life at the beginning of 2015, is responsible for a region that includes the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), the Middle East and North Africa.

About Doraemon;

Doraemon is a robot cat from the future, created on September 3, 2112. He travels back in time with Nobita’s great-great-grandson to provide a better future for Nobita.

Although he’s always trying to do something with good intentions, sometimes the magic tools he pulls out of his 4D magic pocket on his stomach make things worse. Known as the Blue Robot Cat from the Future, Doraemon is always well-intentioned, always smiling, and can’t help but eat the famous Japanese dessert Dorayaki.