Dragon Storm Fantasy TikTok Campaign! Dragon Storm Fantasy, the mobile RPG game developed by GOAT Games, which is the favorite of the players with its story and quality graphics, continues to make its name in Turkey. Reaching millions of people with our events and marketing activities, the game conquers Turkey with its dragons.

About of Dragon Storm Fantasy TikTok Campaign!

As Gaming in Turkey, we launched an award-winning event on the TikTok platform with Dragon Storm Fantasy, which invites players to determine their destiny with their dragons. This event, which lasted for 5 days, attracted great attention from the first day and reached millions of people, and achieved great success. With the hashtag #Return to the Dragon determined by Dragon Storm Fantasy, the interest shown in the event, which reached over 900 million views on the TikTok platform, continues to grow. Names such as Tuğba Güvenir, Burak Tutal, Ezgizem, Burak Güner, Tahzenben from TikTok influencers who took part in this dance event of Dragon Storm Fantasy announced the big prizes to be distributed to users. The winners of the event were awarded 2 Nintendo Switches, 20 pieces worth $50, 30 pieces worth $25, and 100 Amazon Gift Cards worth $10. Those who participated in this campaign of Dragon Storm Fantasy on the TikTok platform and won big prizes by performing exemplary dances were awarded their prizes.