Dragon Storm Fantasy Youtube Influencer Marketing Campaign! About Dragon Storm Fantasy; Dragon Storm Fantasy, the mobile RPG game developed by GOAT Games, which is the favorite of the players with its story and quality of graphics, continues to make its name known in Turkey. Reaching millions of people with our events and marketing activities, the game conquers Turkey with its dragons.

Many opportunities offered to players on behalf of Dragon Storm Fantasy were also announced on YouTube. In these promotions, which included YouTubers such as Enes Batur, Stratera, Cosmic Ant, Barış Bra and Rasher, the game’s Turkish language capability, offline leveling feature and 9 different dragons along with the classes of the Dragon Storm Fantasy universe were highlighted. These promotional videos, on the other hand, gained 5 million views in a short period of 3 days. In this way, the game climbed to the top of the lists in the iOS Apple Store and Google Play Store with great interest in Dragon Storm Fantasy from all players who were knowledgeable about the features of the game. In the Google Play Store, it ranked 1st in the Trending Games, RPG Games and Free Most Popular categories, and achieved a great success by placing 4th in the Top Grossing category. Apple users also showed interest in the game through the iOS Apple Store. The game, which ranked first in the RPG Games category in a short time, greatly increased its player base.