As Coca-Cola’s official gaming and esports agency in 25 countries, we continue to offer gamers events, campaigns, organizations and collaborations from the gaming world that we have prepared in accordance with the brand’s principles. As part of these collaborations, as Gaming in Turkey agency, we realized a comprehensive marketing campaign for the collaboration between the famous electronic music artist Marshmello and Coca-Cola. This collaboration was made to celebrate the release of limited edition Marshmello-designed Coca-Cola cans. The exclusive range, featuring strawberry and watermelon flavors, was introduced through an engaging launch campaign. We worked with Elraen from Turkey and Souriano from Saudi Arabia on the project.

Coca-Cola x Marshmello

The main strategy was to engage the young target audience and involve them in the brand experience. For this reason, the brand partnered with Australian broadcaster LoserFruit, with whom an interactive live broadcast was organized. In the live broadcast, Marshmello entered a computer game and LoserFruit controlled him by giving commands from his home. The broadcaster tried to help Marshmello return to his own world.

What did we do in Elraenn “Coca-Cola x Marshmello Live Stream” Watch Party Integration?


To make the event even more exciting, we simulcast with streamers Elraen in Turkey and Souriano in Saudi Arabia, who tried to influence Marshmello’s decisions by directing their audiences to the main stream. At the same time, the broadcasters made an effort to engage their own viewers. They guided Marshmello by answering questions on LoserFruit’s screen during the live broadcast. In this way, we further enhanced the viewer engagement and experience, and Elraenn’s support for this setup played an important role in the success of the event.
  • Elraenn’s support and participation was an important achievement for the brand and generated positive feedback in Turkey.
  • Coca-Cola was pleased to receive such support from Turkey.
  • The collaboration strengthened the relationship between Marshmello and Coca-Cola in Turkey.
  • The Marshmello x Coca-Cola collaboration created great excitement in the player community and received positive feedback.