Energy System Influencer Marketing campaign, cooperation was made with the 4 most loved and followed lifestyle influencers in Turkey. Influencers who introduced the Energy System Urban wireless headset model were Merve Yalçın, Yaren Alaca, Snowmaid and Tuana Yılmaz. The total number of these names reached over 200 thousand and got more than 20 thousand engagements, it was reported that the sales of the headphones increased. Influencers, who helped the headphones to be known for their comfort and sound quality, talked about using the products with love in their ongoing posts and used them in their normal lives.

Energy Sistem Headsets:

The Energy Bluetooth Headphones provide full freedom of movement for music lovers who don’t want to be tied down. Urban, Style or Smart headphones for different lifestyles. Find yours among all the options wireless headphones are perfect for those who don’t want cables. You can easily pair them with your smartphone or tablet using Bluetooth. And if you run out of battery you can always connect the cable to go on with your music.