Our influencer marketing project for FOREO products that revolutionized skin cleansing. FOREO’s facial cleansing devices, LUNA 2 and LUNA Mini 2, not only bring solutions that slow down the effects of aging with the T-Sonic™ technology they use, but also make facial blemishes minimally visible.

We worked with 21 influencers, whose followers ranged from 10 thousand to 100 thousand on Instagram, in order to spread FOREO’s LUNA 2 and LUNA Mini 2 devices to large masses. The influencers we worked with in this project told their followers how they use their devices and why they use them. The people we work with in our project and the number of followers are as follows;

Murat Karahan (@mrt.karahan) – 95.900

Büşra Güler (@busragulerr) – 73.100

Derya Bozkurt (@jelibonnik) – 110.00

Özgür Özyurt (@ozgurozyurt1) – 75.800

Hilal Altekin (@guzellikmeselesi) – 53.800

Sena Karaca (makyajvebakimgunlugu) – 53.200

Buse Çakan (@cakanbuse) – 40.700

Nida Atalar (@permalirapunzel) – 37.700

Özge Çelebi (@ozgecelebii) – 17.000

Esra Hanedan (@kiriksemsiyeblog) – 15.000

Emre Biri (@biri.bey) – 14.200

Melike Büker (@makyajrehbericom) – 10.200

Aslı Yıldız (@mageofcolor) – 14.000

Zuhal Okçu Özden (@zetfashion) – 51.700

Gülen Çelik (@angelicfairy) – 13.400

Ecem Eksilmez (@sithleydisi) – 65.500

Hülya Altaylar (@hulyaaltaylar) – 51.800

Aliye Banu (@banualiye) – 50.100

Eda Velipaşaoğlu (@edaliblog) – 125.000

Büşra İpek Kazak (@yamansmom) – 55.900

In our FOREO Instagram influencer marketing project, we reached over 1 million people in total with these names. For our brand in our project, we reached a wide range of followers by using fashion influencer, lifestyle influencer, make-up influencer, care influencer, mother influencer.

About FOREO:

Sweden-based FOREO, aiming to add value to your life, offers a new standard to large audiences with the beauty and care solutions it has designed. Taking a bold approach, he does not develop existing designs, but designs everything from scratch. Its aim is to provide the convenience it offers to everyone. That’s why FOREO has named it “For Everyone”. Bringing beauty and happiness to everyone’s lives with our groundbreaking solutions that can be achieved with much less money spent on professional transactions, FOREO’s mission is to boost people’s self-confidence