Gaming In Turkey | MENA | As EU, we collaborated with Genshin Impact on many different topics to announce and celebrate the launch of the game’s Turkish language support. In this context, we organized a Genshin Impact tournament called Genshin Impact Adventure Carnival, where influencers participated with their teams. Influencers we agreed with at the Genshin Impact Adventure Carnival were positioned as team captains. With the announcements and publications they made, they encouraged their audiences to compete in the tournaments to be held in Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir.

Genshin Impact Adventure Carnival Tournament Process

Registration and Announcements

We created registration designs and announcement texts for the website and social media. A rulebook has been created for travelers to know the extent of the Adventure Carnival.
We made our announcements through influencers during the tournament registration process. Contestants registered via the form on Genshin Impact’s website. Upon the incoming registrations, information about the province where the contestants will participate in the tournament was collected and we directed them to 5 internet cafes in Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir for the qualifying rounds. A total of 422 entries were made for the tournament.


We managed the elimination processes between 14:00 and 20:00 in 5 internet cafes in Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir. Sprint format was played in the qualifiers and the players with the best scores made it to the final. After the qualifiers, we contacted the winners and learned which influencer team they wanted to be on.

Grand Finale

The winning teams came together with influencers on the specially designed big stage at ESA and shared their trump card. With the presentation of Dora Özsoy and Melodi Kızılgün, the teams competed in 2 different categories and the winners received the awards. The entire show was recorded and then broadcast live on Dora’s Youtube channel. Participating influencers reintroduced the game by integrating fun footage from the show into Youtube videos.

Influencer Management Process

In the Genshin Impact influencer tournament, we worked with 9 influencers on Youtube, Twitch and Instagram platforms. The names we work with;
  • Mesut Can Tomay
  • Adal
  • Ali Biçim
  • Bora Slit
  • Turgut Ekim
  • Melodi Kızılgün
  • Enis Kirazoğlu
  • Stratera

Instagram Integration

Influencers, who are positioned as team captains, announced their tournament records as a story on Instagram. With the link added on the Story, the followers were easily directed to the registration form.

The data we obtained through Instagram was as follows;
  • 351.091 Access
  • 378,453 Impressions
  • 2,504 Interaction

Twitch Integration

The name we agreed on for Twitch was Jahrein. Jahrein shared the tournament announcements and informed his audience about the tournament.
The data we obtained on Twitch was as follows;
  • 18,898 Average viewers
  • 170.587 unique viewers
  • 411,549 Live viewers

Youtube Integration

Influencers, who made their announcements on Instagram, re-introduced the game by integrating fun frames from the show into Youtube videos on the final day.
The data we obtained from Youtube was as follows;
  • 17.750.000 Impressions

Dora Özsoy Youtube Integration

The entire final process of the tournament was broadcast live on Dora’s Youtube channel. The data we obtained from Dora’s Youtube channel, who also hosted the tournament, was as follows;
  •   26,200 Live Views