Influencer Marketing Ayşe Tolga & AHAVA Türkiye! Ayşe Tolga (born 9 June 1973, Istanbul) is a TV series and film actress. Graduated from Marmara University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Ceramics Department. She participated in additional training programs on stage and visual arts, advertising. Producer and host of lifestyle programs on fashion, health, sports, arts and culture. He works as a creative director and actor in advertising works on fashion and diet in the field of “Life-style”; She is a consultant to various advertising agencies. She is known for the series Şehnaz Tango, in which she acted between 1994-1996. Also, Why Was Hacivat Karagöz Killed, directed by Ezel Akay? She played Nilüfer Hatun in the movie she. She divorced her husband Marsel Eskinazi on July 24, 2013.

In addition to her acting and presenting career, she has started her adventure with nutrition systems and detox, massage and body therapies trainings since 2004. Provence has enriched its field of interest with the establishment and management of SPA in Bangkok, clinical aromatherapy in London and perfumery training in London. Ayşe, who is also an esthetician trained in skin and body care, participates in shopping mall talks, workshops and TV programs as a speaker and shares her knowledge on healthy living, healing methods and beauty with her articles in magazines and around the world.


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Arisen from the water and mud of the Dead Sea, which has the world’s highest mineral content, AHAVA is now in Turkey…

Mineral-rich, sensitive skin-friendly, vegan AHAVA products will now touch your skin with their recyclable boxes. AHAVA, the only beauty brand (Derma Kozmetik) established on the shores of the Dead Sea, delivers the outstanding benefits of the Dead Sea to its users around the world with innovative, effective and creative products.

Today, AHAVA is the only beauty brand specializing in Dead Sea Minerals. AHAVA researchers develop natural skin products that only come together with the right and appropriate products and are backed by high research power. The most important invention among them is Osmoter™; A perfect mineral blend that comes naturally from the Dead Sea, restoring the skin’s vitality and increasing its natural moisture. Osmoter™ is included in all AHAVA face and body products.