The video work we prepared for Migros with the famous Wolfteam Youtuber and Digital Influencer BLOODRAPPER. In our video, which explains to the players how easy it is to get the E-Pins of Digital Games from Migros, BLOODRAPPER not only explains the details of Wolfteam Free Online FPS game, but also shows the players how to get one-on-one E-Pins by going to MİGROS. E-Pins for the most popular games are now on sale at Migros safes, Migros digital game codes! As Influencer Marketing Agency, we choose the most suitable names for our brands and partners from different sectors to reach their target audiences and produce projects. We also prepared a setup for Migros to enable them to reach the players and to explain how easily they can get e-pin, that is, digital game codes, from Migros. In the fiction, Bloodrapper, the famous Wolfteam Youtuber, first shows how to get an e-pin game code by going to Migros. Afterwards, he uses the code he received in the game and displays his skills in the game.

Influencer Marketing Bloodrapper and Migros

  • How can I purchase Digital Game Codes?

You can buy Digital Game Codes from the safes of all our Migros stores.

  • Which Digital Game Codes are sold at Migros?

Our stores sell Digital Game Codes that you can use in Steam, Joygame, League of Legends, Gameforge and Metin2 games and platforms.

  • What payment method should I use to purchase Digital Game Codes?

You can buy the Digital Game Code from all our stores with cash or credit card.

  • How can I receive the Digital Game Code?

You can find the code you have purchased on the 2nd Receipt, which will be given to you by the cashier.

  • What should I do if the information slip containing the Digital Game Code cannot be printed/read?

You can reach Migros Customer Services at 444 10 44. You will need the information on your sales receipt to be able to do this.

  • What should I do if the Digital Game Code I purchased does not work?

In cases where the Digital Game Code does not work, you can reach the contact addresses on the 2nd slips (information slip) via e-mail.

  • In which games are Digital Game Codes valid?

Steam Wallet Codes can be redeemed on the Steam platform or on the Steam website. Joygame – Joypara is valid in all Joygame games including Wolfteam. League of Legends – RP is only valid on League of Legends Turkey server. Gameforge – TL is valid for all Gameforge games except Metin2. Metin2 – Dragon Coin is only valid in Metin2 game.