Influencer Marketing study for MODGREY, the women’s brand that adopts a modern, stylish and elegant style of clothing. Influencer Marketing Hülya Aslan & Modgrey! First of all, a business deal was signed for Hülya Aslan, one of the pioneers of conservative fashion and attracting all attention with her shares and style in the digital world. The aim was to naturally introduce MODGREY to more than 500,000 followers of Hülya Aslan and to attract permanent and shopping traffic to MODGREY pages.


Instead of just posting on Instagram and going through it, Hülya Aslan was invited to MODGREY’s Acıbadem store. With Hülya Aslan’s own choices, 3 different combinations of MODGREY products were made, both pictures were taken and a short video was prepared.

While the video prepared was shared by Hülya Aslan on the Instagram page, the event was shared simultaneously as a picture and an event description on the MODGREY page. The request was simple; In order for Hülya Aslan to win one of the 3 combinations that Hülya Aslan showed to her followers, one to herself and the other to her friend, the followers had to write a reply by tagging their friend and participate in the event in MODGREY.

At the end of the activity, which lasted about 1 week; The video published by Hülya Aslan on her Instagram page received 84,000 views. More than 5,000 people joined the event by leaving comments on the event picture shared on the MODGREY page. Thanks to these extraordinary numbers captured in a short time, MODGREY gained quality traffic and doubled its online and offline sales.


Modgrey brings together women who adopt modern, stylish and elegant clothing styles with unique designs. Making a rapid entry into the Turkish Fashion industry, MODGREY is advancing with firm steps towards its goals of becoming a global brand, thanks to the large investments it has made in the sector. The brand opened Turkey’s first Modest Department Store in Istanbul to serve women who follow trends, have a high fashion sense, and seek bold, modern and modest designs.

With its design and style, MODGREY, which produces timeless collections outside the usual classical line, takes a different place in the sector with its modern line and modest fashion approach. The designs, based on the unique taste and preference of each individual, offer women unusual, modern, aesthetic and stylish alternatives rather than traditional and classical models.

Blending and bringing together the concepts of Fashion, Modern and Modest, MODGREY brings together stylish and different collections under one roof, with its extraordinary designs, trained sales personnel, in the stores it opened in Acıbadem and Bağdat Caddesi, one of the distinguished districts of Istanbul, and also at the Online Store. It also offers a unique design world to fashion lovers.