Who is SebiBebi: I was born in Istanbul. After working in the sales and marketing departments of corporate companies, I made a sudden decision to switch to the Cinema-TV industry. Since my childhood, I have developed myself in beauty-related subjects since my hand skills are good. I have carried my experience in make-up to a higher level in this sector. I opened my first blog on 05.03.2011 and shared my marbling patterned nail polishes in order to convey the information that my friends were missing and learned from me or wanted help, while Social Media Blogging and Youtube were on the rise. However, since I don’t have my own video, I shared another foreign youtuber’s video. Later, I put my own video on Youtube on 25.03.2011 and opened my first channel so that it can be understood that there is a lack of Turkish content. Since my mother abbreviated my name as Sebi and Bebi, the first name that came to my mind was Sebi Bebi. I continue to produce content for my followers by uploading 3 videos a week.


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Born from the water and mud of the Dead Sea, which has the world’s highest mineral content, AHAVA is now in Turkey… Mineral-rich, sensitive skin-friendly, vegan AHAVA products will now touch your skin with their recyclable boxes.

AHAVA, the only beauty brand (Derma Kozmetik) established on the shores of the Dead Sea, delivers the outstanding benefits of the Dead Sea to its users around the world with innovative, effective and creative products. Today, AHAVA is the only beauty brand specializing in Dead Sea Minerals.

AHAVA researchers develop natural skin products that only come together with the right and appropriate products and are backed by high research power. The most important invention among them is Osmoter™; A perfect mineral blend that comes naturally from the Dead Sea, restoring the skin’s vitality and increasing its natural moisture. Osmoter™ is included in all AHAVA face and body products.