Ininal Turkey has introduced a system of prepaid cards. Ininal card can be used for online shopping, overseas shopping and store shopping. You can easily and securely trade wherever the bank card goes through. If you wish, you can withdraw the balance on your card from ATMs, transfer money between Ininal Cards via ininal Wallet, pay the invoices of more than 300 institutions and purchase all game E-Pins.

Documentation etc. for Ininal card that can be used by everyone over the age of 13. You don’t need to prepare it. You spend up to the balance you have loaded on your Ininal Card, there is no debt interest. Because it is anonymous, you can shop safely without the suspicion that your information will be stolen.

Ininal, which has an agreement with MasterCard, has switched to Visa as of August 31. We worked with Mervan Tepelioğlu for our influencer marketing activities we did to announce this. He supported the campaign by explaining the subject between 1 story he shared on his Instagram account and a video he posted on her YouTube channel.

31.956 people were reached through Instagram account. 409,752 people viewed the video of Mervan Tepelioğlu published on MervanT channel. A total of 450,000 people was reached in total.