LEC Spring Finals April 2021! League of Legends, one of the most popular MOBA games, is always a favorite of esports lovers with exciting tournaments. The League of Legends European Championship, also known as LEC, which took place between 10-11 April 2021, has made history as a very important organization for the Turkish esports world. As Gaming in Turkey Gaming and Esports Agency, we were proud to carry out this important event in partnership with Riot Games.

LEC Spring Finals April 2021 Organisation

League of Legends European Championship 2021 Spring Finals took place online on 10-11 April 2021. As Gaming in Turkey in partnership with Riot Games, we broadcasted these exciting finals in Turkish for the first time in 6 years.

Influencer Tuana Yilmaz hosted the broadcasts, which took place at the same time as the European broadcast. The matches were announced by eports announcers and commentators Kürşad “Regarnur” Demirer, Caner “Jhonnie” Güngörür and Can “Scarlet” Çaldıran. In the analysis table, Oğuz “Noe Dayıl” Avcı, Eren “Hetze” Akın and Ercan “Trielbaenre” Bozkurt made their comments after the matches.

The thrilling semi-finals were played between Europe’s popular esports teams Rouge and G2 on 10 April 2021. Rouge were the ones who won with a 3-1 victory in a match series that the winner determined over five games and qualified to be the opponent of Mad Lions in the finals on April 11.

The final broadcast on Sunday (April 11th) was an indescribable thrill. Thrilling rivalries and memorable comebacks took place in the fierce battle. Rouge won the first two games of the match to make it 2-0. In Game 3, the teams went out to The Summoners Rift with all their might, and one of the most memorable moments of the season, Mad Lions’ Comeback, took place. With their winning momentum in the third game, the Mad Lions took home the trophy in the European finals.LEC Spring Finals April 2021!

Armut was the Star of the Finals

Turkish player İrfan Berk Tükek, or “Armut”, as he is known among the gamers, was one of the most important parts of the tournament for Turkey when mad lions transferred him to the upper corridor at the end of 2020. Watching a representative from our own country live in the Europa League finals has been a source of great pride for the Turkish Esports world and gamers. “Armut”, who was named the best player of the tournament and awarded the MVP award, addressed his fans in Turkey exclusively through our broadcast.

Turkish live broadcasts of these huge matches, which were contested by Europe’s leading esports teams, were watched breathlessly by tens of thousands. Numerous comments were left on the chat, where the number of instant views reached 25,000. LEC Spring Finals April 2021!