As Gaming in Turkey, we worked on influencer marketing project for Lords Mobile game.

Lords Mobile Thaldrin Influencer Marketing

Lords Mobile has had great success in Google Play and AppStore since its launch. The game, which was later published on Steam, stands out with a total number of downloads exceeding 200 million. Applying the MMORPG and real-time strategy genres well under the same title, the production continues to be liked by gamers.

Lords Mobile on Twitch

In our influencer marketing project for Lords Mobile, we collaborated with Turkish Esports professional player Berke “Thaldrin” Demir. Experienced players who have suspended their esports career by playing for Team Turquality, Beşiktaş Esports, SuperMassive and 1907 Fenerbahçe continue their streams. While Thaldrin is streaming on, Lords Mobile was featured as a sponsor. In addition to his main event during the stream, he also devoted time to Lords Mobile. Thaldrin continued his experience and commentary on the game from November 16 to December 16.