Yağmur Özkavak Influencer Marketing! Love Dance! You can make new friends, dance with hundreds of popular music and find the couple you are looking for with Love Dance, the # 1 mobile dance, music, and friendship game in the world, which is the Influencer Marketing and video production work we have prepared with Yağmur Özkavak and her mother for Mobile Dance Game. If you want to be a dancing star, you can immediately download Love Dance from Google Play or the App Store by clicking on the links below.

Website  https://www.lovedanceturkiye.com

About Love Dance

Developed by Cubizone, it is the world’s number 1 mobile dance game that includes elements such as dance, music, friendship and fashion. It is a fun mobile dance game where you can express yourself and make new friends.

Love Dance, which is one of the best games in the Mobile MMO Dance category all over the world, awaits many online players who both love to dance and want to make friends with its high-resolution graphics, advanced interface, and dance and music content with a colorful world.

If you want to dance with your friends to the most popular music, create your own fashion with hundreds of clothes and enjoy the fun, and be the new star of the dance scene, Love Dance is for you! Love Dance Turkey brings dance and music to your pocket!

Love Dance, the world’s number 1 3D mobile dance, music and friendship game, opens its doors to everyone who loves to dance with its rich content.

With 100’s of popular music, dance modes with 3 different difficulty levels, 10’s of different dance stages, 1000’s of clothes, more than 500.000 active online players, Love Dance is with Turkish players on a special server for Turkey that opened on February 7th. met.


Do you want to dance while listening to hundreds of popular foreign music in Love Dance? You can choose from hundreds of the most popular foreign songs sorted by difficulty level, dance to the song you want, or listen to the songs while chatting with your friends.


Choose the song you want and immerse yourself in the rhythm of the music immediately! In Love Dance, you can dance to the song you want, alone, with randomly matched players, with your friends, couple or team, in 3 difficulty levels. The only thing you need while dancing is to press the buttons that appear on the screen at the right time, in order, and of course, a little attention.


While dancing and listening to music in Love Dance, you can chat with the players and your friends in the game with both the chat system and the voice chat feature. You can meet different players in the areas established for dancing, make new friendships, be a couple with the opposite sex you are impressed with, and even get married.


Are you ready to be the most stylish star of Love Dance? You can create your own fashion with hundreds of items in the shop in the game and you can be the new star of the dance stages with the combinations you create. From shoes to glasses, from pants to dresses and even hairstyles, choose the ones that suit you and start talking about your style right away!