Make A Wish TikTok # Sevginipaylaş Project! In the PR work we carried out as part of our 360-degree marketing plan, we created a social responsibility project together with Tik Tok, a mobile application with more than 100 million users worldwide, and Make A Wish, one of the largest charity organizations in the world. The Make A Wish association makes the wishes of children aged 3-18, who are struggling with a life-threatening illness, come true in their hearts. As part of this project, Make A Wish met with each and every one of the children struggling with life-threatening diseases, listened to their dreams and collected their wishes. In the meantime, we created a hashtag called ” Sevginipaylas ” in the Tik Tok application and asked users to share videos for children struggling with life-threatening diseases. In this way, with the support of Tik Tok users, we aimed to provide morale and motivation to these beautiful children.

The hashtag, which was supported by many phenomena, spread very quickly, and many people produced video content using this hashtag. We integrated some of the influencer marketing plan we prepared for Tik Tok into this social project, and Murat Sakaoğlu, one of the phenomena we cooperate with, produced video content using this hashtag. He also told people that they can support children by coming to TikTok and sharing a video with this hashtag. In the continuation of the project, Tik Tok donated 40,000 TL to the Make A Wish association to fulfill the wishes of the children, with the intense support of the users in the application. With this donation, the wishes of 4 children determined with the support of Make A Wish were fulfilled. In addition, Make A Wish organized surprise parties for each child and delivered the gifts to the children so that their wishes would come true.

Make A Wish TikTok # Sevginipaylaş Project – Project Outputs:

Through this project, we aimed to increase brand awareness and change the perceptions of TikTok application in Turkey. Our results also show that this study had a very positive effect in dispersing the dark clouds over the application and set an important example in instilling morale in children who most need to embrace life with four arms and making their dreams/wishments come true.

At the end of the social responsibility project, the videos shared using the hashtag ” Sevginipaylas” were watched more than 60 million times. In addition, more than 15 thousand unique users shared their own videos under the hashtag ” Sevginipaylas”.