As Gaming in Turkey | MENA | EU Gaming and Esports Agency, we worked with many content creators in 2021 for the launch party of NEW STATE MOBILE in Turkey and the opening of the game.

What Did We Do In The NEW STATE MOBILE Influencer Marketing 2021 Project?

In the influencer marketing project we carried out with Turkey’s most popular content creators, we launched a big campaign for the NEW STATE MOBILE Launch Party and the pre-registration period.

In the influencer marketing project that we did to announce the opening of the game and for the Launch Party, the content producers we worked with announced the launch party we prepared for the opening while promoting the game to their followers. In addition, together with Reynmen (Yusuf Aktaş), we prepared a special music clip called “Gel Kurtar” for the game. We prepared and implemented a special plan for NEW STATE MOBILE with different digital marketing channels and creative ideas.

Who Did We Work With In Our NEW STATE MOBILE YouTube Influencer Marketing Project?

  • Eda Sakızoğlu
  • Enis Kirazoğlu 
  • Doğan Kabak 
  • Uras Benlioğlu
  • Fırat Sobutay 
  • Barış Bra
  • Murat Abi GF 
  • Burak Oyunda
  • Tolunay Ören
  • Melih Zeyrek
  • Mendebur Lemur
  • Amigo
  • Zeon
  • Emrecan Önal
  • OHA Diyorum!
  • 10000DAYS
  • Batuhan Büyükakkan
  • Mervan
  • Emre Bozkurt
  • Tuğba Hanım
  • Eksto
  • Erdem Halit Cengiz
  • Hugola
  • Deniz Towa
  • Beyza Kaya
  • Hilmi Şahin
  • Mehmet Uğur
  • Kadir DedeGP
  • Filmler ve Filimler
  • Yorekok

General statistics of the videos from content producers we collaborate with;


The content producers stated that the NEW STATE MOBILE game is a battle royale version that takes place in the year 2051 of the events in PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS. They said that the game can be played completely free of charge on mobile devices and that the game has Turkish language support. They directed the viewers to the page where they can download the NEW STATE MOBILE from the link in the description of their video.

In addition to these, they showed that many innovations such as vehicle and weapon mechanics improvements are included in the game.


In February 2021, PUBG Studios, an internal division of Krafton, announced that it was developing a game codenamed “PUBG: New State”. Users who pre-registered were offered a special car cosmetic as a reward.

On November 11, 2021, the game was released globally on the Play Store and App Store. The game surpassed 1 Million downloads on the first day. The game takes place in 2051. Also, the game has TROI and Erangel 3.0 level maps. The game includes high-end graphics compared to its competitors on some devices.