Perdigital corporate promotional video, the promotional video we prepared for Perdigital, one of Turkey’s largest digital entertainment and game distributors. We have finally finished and broadcast our global promotional video (video production) that we have been working on for a long time for our distinguished brand Perdigital, which we serve under the umbrella of Gaming in Turkey Gaming Agency, a Purple Pan brand. Our biggest goal in the video, which we worked very hard on, was to explain the services provided by Perdigital in the Turkish market to global brands as plainly as possible, but by showing its quality.

Perdigital Corporate Promotional Video

Video Production: Perdigital Corporate Promotional Video. We first started by listing the services provided by Perdigital. It was easy to explain these because of the quality of the works, but it was more difficult to visualize than we expected. The general introduction of Perdigital, all the regions it has penetrated in the Turkish market, the payment systems they have created, all the payment infrastructures they offer to their customers, the field organizations and its importance, and the ease of use among payment systems, especially in the recent period, has started to become very common among both players and internet cafes. We tried to give as much information as possible about the transfer system, all the brands it serves, its partners and the markets they will expand and expand in the long term in a simple way. When we entered the studio with our voice actor, our movie started to come alive in our eyes with that magnificent British accent. While using different narration styles for each section, we paid attention to keep the transitions as simple as possible. When we finished our video focused on result and information transfer, we decided together that it was a very good one for both our brand Perdigital and us and we put it on the air.

We hope you like our video too.

Purple Pan Team

About Perdigital

“Perdigital” Digital Entertainment Platform (Online Games, Mobile Games and PC Games) is an online platform that sells and distributes membership, digital tickets, education and all kinds of digital codes that can be sold through digital channels. By integrating many different payment channels into the system, it has become a part of the digital world with its new generation, practical and secure payment options that facilitate online shopping for its users and dealers, and aims to provide shopping convenience to all its customers who shop from these platforms.

With its Internet Cafe network of more than 4000, physical and online distribution channels, it provides added value especially to the Online Gaming sector and adds vitality to this sector with its strong field team. Perdigital; It has positioned itself as Turkey’s most prestigious digital code distributor with the most digital content, reliable and innovative applications.

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