Point Blank Muhammed Biroğlu Game Influencer Marketing!Choose your team, take your weapon and join us in this gripping battle! Here is an online MMOFPS game that we recognize as Point Blank!

The players start Point Blank as a military student based on the rank system, and after gaining experience in the field of education, they step aside to the conflict areas and rise to the General Staff! You can choose the most appropriate one from dozens of different primary (Rifle, Light Machine Gun, Sniper Rifle, Heavy Machine Gun) and secondary (single and double hand guns) weapons in Point Blank’s massive store with points you earn as a result of the matches you make or NG to buy special crafted weapons that other players can not get to become a leader!
In Point Blank you do not have to use only 1 type of gun, you can take all kinds of different weapons and carry them in your bag, you can change your weapons while you are in the game and take advantage against other players according to both map and game mode (shot rifle, sniper rifle, knife match etc.). It is also possible to change the look of your character and enhance its features by using custom made accessories.

• The most realistic shot feel! Feel each shot individually! The realistic voice and reactions that emerge during Point Blank shooting, and the influence of the bullets on you, make you experience the most realistic experience. Moving and live action areas!

• Dynamic objects that move on Point Blank maps offer a constantly changing battlefield during gameplay with collapsible walls and environment

• Know your weapon! Experience a more realistic and dynamic battle experience with advanced weapons such as various binoculars, double chargers, dot sight! Choose the weapon that suits you best.

• Missions and Awards! Buy mission cards, complete quests and win prizes. As the difficulty of the task increases, it will be so valuable in winning awards. More missions, more rewards at Point Blank!