PUBG: NEW STATE Launch Party! As Gaming in Turkey Gaming and Esports Agency, we are proud and happy to hold the PUBG: NEW STATE Turkey Launch Party, developed by our partner Krafton and published all over the world. Let’s see what we did at the Turkey Launch Party, where we carried out the launch decor, live broadcast integrations, launch content plan and marketing activities.


PUBG: NEW STATE Launch Party What Did We Do?

At the Turkey Launch Party, where 10 influencers, 2 servers, 1 esports server and our special guest Reynmen participated, we brought our event together with the audience with a live broadcast of more than 4.5 hours. In our 5-game show plan specific to the launch; In addition to the competitive encounters of our influencers in PUBG: NEW STATE, we witnessed fun moments with our balloon game Guess and Word Hunt games that we specially designed for PUBG NEW STATE. We listened to the live performance and clip story of our song “Gel Kurtar”, the lyrics and music of which was created by Reynmen. We held raffles with the sponsorship of Razer and Razer Gold, and distributed great gifts to our viewers. Special notes on the launch:

Launch Party Influencer Teams:

Nova Hız Tutkunları

  • Doğan Kabak
  • Fırat Sobutay
  • Tamer Yeşildağ
  • Emrecan Önal

Troi Dörtlüsü

  • Barış Bra
  • Tolunay Ören
  • Burak Oyunda
  • Uras Benlioğlu

Special Invited:

  • Reynmen


  • Enis Kirazoglu
  • Eda Sakizoglu

Esports Server

  • Onur Tatar

What did we do?

  • Launch Decor and Designs
  • Launch Content Plan
  • Activity of marketing
  • Live Broadcast Sweepstakes
  • Live Broadcast Visual Templates
  • Social Media Content Plan
  • Social Media Announcement Images
  • Prize Distributions
  • Live Stream Game Edits
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Reynmen Live Performance
  • Dance show
  • Live Stream Chat Management