Rise of Kingdoms Oyna Kazan Project! In the 360 degree marketing plan we made for the Rise of Kingdoms game, we distributed TL 50.000  with Oyna Kazan application. Onedio is a platform known for its videos posted on Youtube and tests on their websites. With a mobile application called Oyna Kazan participants are offered the chance to earn various amounts of cash prizes by asking various questions in the live broadcast. A nice campaign has emerged with the collaboration of Oyna Kazan, the real-time strategy game Rise of Kingdoms, with the presentation of Ali Biçim, which is entertaining, informative and highly rewarding.

The game was promoted as a sponsor of Oyna Kazan program held on April 19, 2019. Rise of Kingdoms, which has expanded the prize pool for the competition, has brought a great prize to the contestants. By offering a total of TL 50.0000 prize pool, many people’s attention was drawn. A total of 140 thousand people participated in the contest held on the specified date. Also included in the program was the special question of Rise of Kingdoms. The jokers that can be used in the competition were given in the Rise of Kingdoms game specially for that day.