Our advertisement project for Rise of Kingdoms mobile strategy game in Survivor program. As Gaming in Turkey Gaming & Esports Agency, we have made video production for Rise of Kingdoms mobile strategy game together with Survivor, one of the most popular television programs in Turkey. Rise of Kingdoms’ ad film published on TV8 and reached a total of 1,5 million people. You can watch the video of Survivor program ad from the left side.

About Rise of Kingdoms

Rise of Kingdoms combines advanced 3D modeling with RPG and RTS game genres to bring a new perspective to real-time strategy games. With open world map designs, Rise of Kingdoms saves players from narrow world screens and offers players a long-lasting gaming experience with over 10 million downloads. With 15 different language support including Turkish, Rise of Kingdoms, with players from all over the world, is a game adorned with historical elements, brings players together from many different cultures for the same adventure.