TikTok influencer marketing project for mobile strategy game Rise of Kingdoms by Gaming in Turkey and TIP Effect. One of the best applications of 2018 in the category of “fun” of Google Play store, short video application TikTok stands out as a platform where users demonstrate their creativity. One of the reasons behind the rapidly increasing popularity of the short video application is that people from around the world can share their remarkable moments and talents on their smartphones.

As Gaming in Turkey and TIP Effect, we have identified the appropriate names with TikTok influencer marketing project and started our work.

  • aytug.ergen – 96,5K Followers
  • Ezgizem – 2,8M Followers
  • Mahallenintaklacisi – 364,6K Followers
  • ozlem.aydin – 66,4K Followers
  • Sahangiller – 639,4K Followers
  • Thebehz – 692,7K Followers
  • Tugbarones – 1,4M Followers
  • Berfuswash1 – 45,1K Followers
  • Uuryaman – 1,2M Followers
  • Yakari7 – 1,2M Followers

In Rise of Kingdoms game, developed by Lilith Games, we have successfully completed our TikTok influencer marketing project with the motto “Crazy Turks Who Tremble The World”, aiming to announce the Ottoman Empire, which was added to the game as 11th historic civilization. So far, with 700,000 views of our video setups and influencer marketing project, we have caught about 100,000 likes.