In order to spread our Pınar Kido Space Stories campaign to large audiences, we created a space camp in Sanalika, which has 20 million registered players. We redesigned the most popular street of the game for Pınar Kido. Players took the in-game Space Mission and got to know the planets one by one. The aim of the campaign was for the children to have fun and explore the space on their favorite game platform, Sanalika.

We also organized a painting competition to reveal the creativity of children. The owner of the first 6 successful paintings won the Virtual Artist Badge. At the end of the campaign, Pınar Kido sales increased by 44% compared to the previous months.

Pinar Kido Mission

More than 150,000 missions received.

More than 120,000 missions completed.

Campaign Video

More than 600,000 views.

In-game Interaction

More than 2,000,000 children interacted.

We have reached more than 1,000,000 children.

Socialization Platform

Sanalika is a city-like game that consists of colorful places where users can express themselves with cartoon characters, play games with their friends, chat.

A Big Virtual World

With more than 10 million members and 10 thousand active users, Sanalika is a large virtual world. In this fun world that develops day by day, with personalized characters, streets, parks, buildings and rooms; chess, darts, pong etc. Many games are offered to users.

Sanalika Pınar Kido In-Game Integration!