SteelSeries Steel Talents Project! We started Steel Talents in order to support players who produce content in the project we made with SteelSeries, the indispensable leader brand of the gaming world. As part of the project, on October 16, 2020, we started the applications at the website and opened a door full of hope with the motto #GlowUp to this journey beyond imagination.
SteelSeries, which started 2020 by introducing innovations to the gaming world, continued its surprises with Steel Talents. The brand, which offers players many options for equipment, created a great opportunity for players who want to expand their audience as publishers to follow their dreams with the contest Steel Talents. Publishers participating in the competition were prepared to experience many different experiences with SteelSeries.

Rebuild Your Broadcasting Career with the SteelSeries Steel Talents Awards

SteelSeries Arctis 9 Wireless Headphones, SteelSeries Apex Pro Keyboard, SteelSeries Rival 3 Wireless Mouse and SteelSeries QcK Prism Cloth XL Mousepad, computer, gaming chair and room In addition to winning the decoration, he also had the chance to sign the 1-year SteelSeries Influencer Agreement. Candidates uploaded the application videos they prepared on their own YouTube channels with the hashtag  #steeltalentsbaşvuru. Jury members consisting of popular names in the gaming world Izemco, Theta, Dost Kayaoğlu and Akagreen, SteelSeries Turkey Manager Ilkay Tepe and Gaming in Turkey Business Development and Marketing Specialist Enis Sargın made their selections from these videos.
Candidates who were able to advance to the next round in the competition broadcast on Twitch channels for at least 7 days in a certain date range. The total hours of their broadcasts could not be less than 30 hours. Under these conditions, the contestants were able to present all the ideas in their minds to a certain audience, by producing different content and ideas on the air. Under the leadership of the jury members Izemco, Theta, Dost Kayaoğlu and Akagreen, they were able to exchange information about publishing. In the final, Aybars Algan became the SteelSeries Steel Talents champion after the public vote and the points they received from the jury.