Türk Telekom Veloxity Promotional Video: Türk Telekom decided to use a different method to reach users who want to change their operators by going beyond conventional channels in mobile communication. How can Türk Telekom, whose target audience is people of all ages, where connection quality and data are important in mobile internet use, frequently uses social media, games, music and video content, and consumes 1 GB or more of data per month? How does Türk Telekom reach such a clear target audience?


After the data analysis, which was processed and interpreted according to the power of data and campaign goals, the real success was not reaching millions, but reaching the most accurate users. Türk Telekom Veloxity Promotional Video: A collaboration was made with Veloxity, an “artificial intelligence” platform that reveals what kind of consumer profile mobile phone users have over their network activities. Thanks to its advanced profiling, which is completely anonymous, and its ability to communicate with a mobile device in real time, Veloxity was able to target the right users and deliver the right content at the right time.

As a result of the profiling provided by Veloxity, the data were analyzed in Music, Game and Video categories along with device, operator, wifi, application, connection speed, location, monthly data consumption and time intervals. As soon as the user consumes the content in these categories; Real-time communication was made by targeting the moments when the connection speed is slow. In the Push Notification submissions, users were able to apply for number porting by entering their phone numbers. Türk Telekom Veloxity Promotional Video: In the 3-phase campaign, only 25,000 unique users were reached within 4 days and 2,447 mobile number porting applications were received with a 10% recycling rate. A high return was achieved in a short time with big data and artificial intelligence, without the need to reach millions of applications for the same number of applications as in previous campaigns. Türk Telekom continues to cooperate with Veloxity as the priority partner within the scope of the project. You can see all the details with Türk Telekom Veloxity Promotional Video.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing, Native Marketing, Performance Advertising, Digital Celebrities, İnfluencers… T.I.P-Effect is a Video & Idea house. . Influencer Marketing – Native Marketing;  The concept of video and social media, which has become the greatest communication tool of our age by the millennial generation, is platform independent (we mean the use of all digital channels without being tied to only one platform.), which uses the most effectively for brands and provides brands, partners and advertisers with the most suitable and effective solutions for their targets is a young team that offers the most effective native advertising options. With us, you can promote your brand with popular social media influencers, famous names most suitable for your brand, and deliver viral video content to millions in the blink of an eye with social media dissemination strategies. (Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Twitch TV, Periscope, Scorp, Vine, Influencers, famous names who are experts in their fields, production, desktop video, company promotional videos, 360-degree special videos, digital dissemination strategies). With the Influencer Marketing advertising method and T.I.P Effect (video agency), you can deliver the message your brand wants to convey to large masses with hundreds of talents with high followers on social media channels.

Famous names, social media influencers, influencers, or in other words, digital celebrities of the millennial generation… The channels most effectively used by the millennial generation are now at your disposal for your brand’s advertisements. As T.I.P Effect family, we invite you to this magical world and look forward to seeing its effects in person. T.I.P Effect; Influencer Marketing Agency

Three Important Steps

ONE: Talent; Whatever you name it; Talent, Influencer (influencer marketing), Vlogger, Phenomenon, Digital Phenomenon. In terms of brands, we choose Talent, which is platform independent (Youtube, Vine, Twitter, Twitch, Instagram, Scorp, Periscope etc…) that can best suit the brand and spread the brand organically with the best promotion. It could be a digital celebrity, an artist, or an athlete.

TWO: Idea; We reveal the best fiction and idea (Idea) that will attract attention with both the brand and the Talent we will use. The most important point for us is that the idea is creative, but most importantly, it will add value and traffic to the brand.

THREE: Production; By bringing the idea and the Talent together, we realize the best production for the brand and go live with the expansion plan. By production, we mean viral shoots, special editing shots, and live streams integrations depending on the location.