Vodafone Freezone Sanalika; In-game integration promotional video we prepared for Vodafone Freezone and Sanalika.


Vodafone Freezone Sanalika; Music has always been a means of self-expression for young people and symbolized freedom in the world. Vodafone Freezone has been sponsoring the High School Music Competition for 6 years with the mission of embracing music. We aimed to take the LMY, which was held for the 19th time this year, beyond sponsorship and make it the most accessible online music event in Turkey.

In order to reach the target audience in the 19th LMY Final, which was realized with the participation of 446 schools from 81 provinces, we cooperated with virtualika. We have implemented live broadcast integration for the first time in the browser-based virtual world game Sanatika, which reaches 1M young people per month in Turkey. The event was held simultaneously for 10 hours on the LMY stage, which was established in the field with integration. Players were invited to the final on the Event Street through in-game announcements and social media posts.

By bringing the real-time event into the game, the virtual world experience of the youth was maximized. 38 thousand of the 52 thousand users online watched the LMY finals instantly. In total, the event area was visited 80 thousand times. The actors created 240,000 speech bubbles while talking about the LMY. This corresponded to 35% of speeches that day.

With 5.1 million views on LMY online, it became Turkey’s highest-rated digital live broadcast. If you love it with Vodafone Freezone, come out and say it!


Sanatlika is a city-like game that consists of colorful places where users can express themselves with cartoon characters, play games with their friends, chat.

With more than 10 million members and 10 thousand active users, Sanalika is a large virtual world. In this fun world that develops day by day, with personalized characters, streets, parks, buildings and rooms; chess, darts, pong etc. Many games are offered to users.

You can express yourself in the way you want, meet people from different areas of life, have fun with games that can be played with special and multiple players, and participate in activities in various venues (exhibition hall, festival area, movie theater, etc.) in Cennetika. Sanatika is the most detailed virtual living space where you can experience your real-life activities exactly. With these features, it distinguishes itself from its peers and offers you a completely different virtual life experience.

Are you ready to meet thousands of new friends, play fun multiple virtual games with your friends, and discover a completely different virtual world, Sanalika?