World of Tanks Yargıç Tony Influencer Marketing! World of Tanks is a game that you play by managing real tanks from World War II to the Cold War Period. The game includes tanks from the USA, Germany, USSR, China, France, England, Japan, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Italy and Sweden. Tanks that are divided into different classes also provide variety in terms of gameplay. Each tank is designed based on reality. It is a free game where each player plays in a match using a single tank.

We worked with the YouTube channel “Yargıç Tony” as influencer marketing activity we organized to promote the World of Tanks game, attract the attention of the players and acquire new members. In addition, thanks to the special code given to him, various Premium features were given to the new players to warm up the game. These are the benefits of the account’s Premium features for 7 days, 500 gold coins to the account for free and the T127 Tank.