World of Warships Influencer Marketing 2021! As Gaming in Turkey Gaming and Esports Agency, we worked with our partner Wargaming within the scope of World of Warships’ game influencer marketing projects in Turkey in 2020. World of Warships, which comes across as a ship war game, allows us to play warships belonging to the fleets of various countries as online multiplayer (MMO).
World of Warships, which is constantly updated with new events, worked with various Youtube  content producers in order to experience the events and updates it will bring to the game in 2020 and to use them for promotional purposes.

About World of Warships Influencer Marketing 2021!

We worked with content producers from YouTube in 2021 for World of Warship influencer marketing activities. In this context, gameplay videos were first published by YouTube content producers and the game was promoted.

Names we worked with in the YouTube influencer marketing project:

  • Duygu Köseoğlu
  • Enis Kirazoğlu