As Gaming In Turkey | MENA | EU Gaming ve Esports Agency we carried out influencer marketing activities within the scope of World of Warships’ marketing activities in Turkey in 2022. World of Warships is constantly updated and comes up with new events, in 2022, we worked with many Youtube content producers for players who have yet to experience this game before to play this game.

What We Did in the World Of Warships Influencer Marketing 2022 Project?

Thanks to the influencer marketing project we carried out with Turkey’s most popular Tiktok content producers, we brought new players to the World Of Warships player base. In the influencer marketing project that we did to announce the game and contribute to brand awareness, the content creators we worked with presented the introduction and gameplay mechanics of the World Of Warships to their followers.

The general statistics of the videos prepared by the content creators we cooperate with;

  • Tasarımcı Dayı
  • Mesut Çevik
  • Dark Passage Gaming
  • Webtekno
  • Dora Stratera Özsoy
  • Furkan Arabacı
  • Minecraft Evi
  • Zegabon
  • Enis Kirazoğlu
  • Ogün Demirci
  • Doğukan Adal
  • Pintipanda
  • Jahrein
  • Lynx Çerezz
  • Minecraft Parodileri
  • chickenHolmes
  • Cinavar
  • Erenay Bey
  • Oğuz Aslan
  • DeadPies

We reached these numbers together with the following content producers;

  • 4 million 891 thousand 100 views
  • 203 thousand 469 likes
  • 619 thousand 895 comments

The content creators involved in the project we carried out stated that the game can be downloaded and played for free on the PC. Also that the game has Turkish language support. They mentioned that players can experience great battles at sea with different strategies and tactics in this game. Content creators said that the game includes more than 500 ships from different nations and is built with real plans based on historical documents and history. They mentioned that you can choose from 5 different ship classes and start fighting. Also, they said that each ship class offers a different combat experience. They directed the viewers to the World of Warships web page from the link in the description of their video. The creators also shared the “WARSHIPS” invite code with the viewers. They said that if players use this invite code will have access to a large starter pack worth 25 euros for free.

The starter pack, which you can get with the “WARSHIPS” invite code, included the following items;

  • 7-Day Premium
  • 500 Doubloons
  • 2 Million Credits
  • Level 4 Ship
  • A Commander with 6 Skill Points

About World Of Warships

World of Warships, which comes across as a ship war game, allows us to play warships belonging to the fleets of various countries as online multiplayer (MMO). Take command with World of Warships and dive into the history of world naval warfare!