Experience unforgettable naval battles in World of Warships: Legends. On 15 meticulously designed maps; You can participate in battles with 50 realistic ships divided into three classes as destroyers, cruisers and battleships. You can take on legendary commanders who left their mark in naval history, upgrade your ships, and engage in exciting and gripping battles to become the master of the seas and fight against players from all over the world. Completely free to play, World of Warships puts you at the helm of the most fearsome combat vehicles of the 20th century for a team-based, online naval combat experience. Build your own fleet with legendary and historical ships from the real world with your teammates and battle against other players.

World of Warships LIVAD Digital Marketing Project

Our main goal in the digital marketing campaign we carried out for World of Warships, one of the most played naval war simulation games in the world, was to introduce the game to new players and enable them to benefit from a campaign that takes place periodically.

As part of the campaign we planned, our team liked the idea of appearing in front of the players on live broadcast platforms. This being the case, we immediately worked on what kind of games, which games and what kind of broadcasts we could target. Then we started our advertising campaign with the approval of our brand. We carried out this campaign process with LIVAD.

LIVAD in short

LIVAD develops cutting-edge on-air advertising products that connect brands with broadcasters. This developed technology enables brands to present elegant and interactive advertisements without interrupting their enjoyment while appearing in front of the audience.

Campaign Process

  • Livad Campaign was on the air during 12-28 February 2022. We reached our 1M impressions target as of February 28. We had 285 free views and our Total impression was 1,000,285. We achieved 3,855 clicks in the campaign that we do not have a click target, and our CTR is 0.39%.
  • We got the highest clicks by category from Just Chatting, VALORANT, LoL, GTA V and Knight Online. It is 14th in World of Tanks impressions and 8th in clicks.
  • We got the highest impressions by category from LoL, Just Chatting, VALORANT, GTA V and Lost Ark.


World of Warships LIVAD Digital Marketing Project World of Warships LIVAD Digital Marketing Project