Yemeksepeti Influencer Marketing! As part of the influencer marketing campaign we carried out with Yemeksepeti, we progressed with social media users as natives. After our research, the names we discovered on Twitter and Instagram shared various posts from their accounts. These names made posts about the advantages of Yemeksepeti. They not only combined the pleasant moments they encountered in the game world with the benefits of the brand, but also shared the savior role that Yemeksepeti plays for many young people in their daily lives, with their circles and followers.

Yemeksepeti Influencer Marketing Statistics

Thanks to the 11 people we work with on the Instagram side, we achieved 34,496 impressions and 18,713 reach. While the number of impressions we obtained from users on the Twitter side was 192,602, the number of interactions was 29,160.

About Yemeksepeti!

Turkey’s leading online food ordering site Yemeksepeti has more than 20 million users.

The project, which came to life with the site established in 2001, has been in our lives for more than 20 years. Yemeksepeti, which has been constantly improving itself over the years, has thousands of restaurants from different food cultures. Providing users with easy access to all kinds of food, Yemeksepeti continues to support them with various campaigns.