Yoozoo Games Azazin Kreet Influencer Marketing! China-based game developer and publisher YooZoo Games, which has achieved great success, is also the owner of the GTarcade game platform. GTarcade is a mobile and browser game platform that YooZoo Games aims to bring together players from different points of the world.

The Legacy of Discord, League of Angels series, Game of Thrones Winter is Coming and Rangers of Oblivion games, which have achieved worldwide success and are popular, are constantly improving their GTarcade free game standards. With the GTarcade Desktop application, GTarcade now provides PC platform players with the advantage of enjoying the game with higher performance and gaining extra rewards with this application.

Yoozoo Games Azazin Kreet Influencer Marketing! We did a shout out work within the scope of our influencer marketing work. We agreed with Azazin Kreet for the 60-second shout out work we did. The video received 600,000 views.