Founded in 2016, T.I.P Effect is an Influencer Marketing Agency (Social Media Influencer Agency) based in Istanbul. T.I.P Effect produces native advertisement content and brand-integrated video content for brands in collaboration with internet talents that have large numbers of social media followers such as YouTubers, Twitch TV broadcasters, and Instagram celebrities. Video and social media have become the greatest communication tool of our time by the millennial generation and as a young team, we offer the most efficient native advertising options with our digital talents.

T.I.P Effect helps brands and influencers to connect. T.I.P Effect is leading influencer marketing platform (Social Media Influencer Agency) for all brands in Turkey. We connect our brands to influencers by running performance-based campaigns to create brand awareness, drive app installs and boost app store rankings!

Together with us, you can promote your brand with popular social media influencers and famous names best suited to your brand. With viral video content that fits your product in the blink of an eye with social expansion strategies. (Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Twitch TV, famous names in their interest, production, desktop video, company promotional videos, 360-degree private videos, digital expansion strategies). With the Influencer Marketing advertising method and T.I.P Effect (video agency), you can reach the mass, message your brand wants to carry through, with hundreds of talents in the social media channels.

Famous names, the social media talents, influencers, or digital celebrities of the millennium. The most effective channels used by the millennial generation are now at your service for your brand’s advertisements. The T.I.P Effect family invites you as Social Media Influencer Agency to this magical world and we look forward to seeing the influences personally.



We help brands tell their story through Turkey’s top influencers by creating and managing attention-grabbing social media marketing strategies that reach thousands.

Ozan Aydemir

Elif Ceylaner
VP Of Finance and HR

Batuhan Özmen
VP Of Community

Begüm Özgirgin
VP Of Creative

Kenan Fuat Türetken
VP Of Sales

Berire Büyükkakaç
SR. Art Director

Oğuzhan Yılmazer
SM Manager

Oğuzcan Amatalar
Art Director

Mert Barut
Account Manager

İrem Peçel
Social Media Specialist

Melis Akıncı
Marketing - Comm. Spc.

Alper Çağrı Doğan
Influencer Marketing Spc.

Azra Önay
JR. SM Spc.

Mert Sınak
Art Director

Uğur Can Yıldırım
Esports - Operation Spc.

Doruk Karabaş
Social Media Specialist

Gökhan Hazır
Art Director

Kezban Emniyetli
Finance - HR Assistant

Ahmetcan Vatan
Jr. Marketing - Comm. Spc.

Sadık Kalender
JR. MarCom Spc.

Berkant Narman
JR. Marketing Spc.

Beyza Melekoğlu
Jr. Graphic Designer