T.I.P-Effect Influencer Marketing Agency Services. We are ready for you. Influencer Marketing – Native Marketing; TIP Effect is a young team that uses the video and social media concept, which has become the biggest communication tool of our age by the millennial generation, in a platform independent, most effective way in terms of brands, and offering the most appropriate and most effective native advertising options to its brands, partners and advertisers. You can promote your brand with popular social media phenomenon’s, famous names best suited to your brand, and viral video content with social media propagation strategies to blink an eye and browse millions. As T.I.P Effect Influencer Marketing Agency, what do you think if we introduce you to the Influencers? Here are our Influencer Marketing Agency Services!

Influencer Marketing Agency Services - T.I.P Effect
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  • Sosyal Media Talents
  • Celebrities
  • Social Media Plan
  • Story Creation
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  • Reports
  • Native Marketing
  • Performance Advertisement
  • Studio Production
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  • Green Box
Videp Production - Tip Effect


Influencer Marketing Agency Services, Video Production; Effective videos that reflect your brand, your quality, your credibility are now more impressive than a text or visual. Not only an introduction but also for special meetings, dealers’ meetings, seminars you may need video shootings or video presentations. Videos and promotional films are now needed to promote your company both in terms of your employees and the most effective way to stand out from your competitors in market and to be found in search results on search engines.

As T.I.P Effect we are ready to offer you turn-key productions. (Camera shots, cameraman, camera, jimmy jib, prompter, boom microphone etc. technical equipment, light, scenario, fiction, voice, installation, green box studio shots)


Put what you name; Talent; Whatever you call it; Talent, Influencer (influencer marketing), Vlogger, Digital Influencer. We choose Talent, which can be best suited to the brand, platform independent (Youtube, Vine, Twitter, Twitch, Instagram, Scorp, Periscope etc …) and can distribute the brand organically with the best promotion. It could be a digital celebrity, an artist, or an athlete. Doesn’t it the task of the Influencer Marketing Agency?

Talent - Tip Effect
Idea - Tip Effect


Idea; We use both the brand and the Talent to create attention with the best idea. It is the most important point for us that the idea must be creative, but most of all it will bring value and traffic to the brand. Actually, the name what we are doing is very attractive, right? Influencer Marketing. Don’t think about the name of our job, for us that the quality of the work we do and the value we add to your brands and products are the matter!


By combining Idea and Talent, we are preparing the best “production” for the brand (Product) and we start with the expansion. By the “production” we mean, viral shoots, special creative shoots, and sometimes live broadcast interactions in place.

Production - Tip Effect