What is Influencer Marketing? “Influencer Marketing” if you need to enter a short story. All of the promotion and marketing activities of individuals or groups of people influencing and directing a particular group through sharing their experiences of any product or service with their own followers through groups of social media and digital channels they have. This concept is usually used to promote a product through the online social network accounts such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Blog etc and/or establish a connection between the related product/service with their followers.

The use of social media channels is increasing day by day all around the world, and the return from these channels is often more effective than traditional media channels, making Influencer Marketing an indispensable tool in marketing efforts after 2016.

What is Influencer Marketing? Influencer Marketing has been used in the past as product introductions by celebrities and opinion leaders in the community. But with the development of social networks and the fact that ordinary people have millions of followers, Influencer Marketing is seen as a more popular and accessible method of marketing by every brand

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According to the content of the campaign, marketers measure Influencer Marketing studies in two different ways; Earned Media and Paid Media.

Earned Media Value is often used as a measure of brand-related content being shared by third parties, spreading viral and resulting in access and interaction. For example, users can share content that they like about their brand on their social networks, or they are called gained media to invite their friends to an online site.

Paid Media is the value of media that earns using traditional methods such as banner, sponsorship, Google Adwords. (Eg, viewing, recording, downloading, purchasing, etc.) A measurement can be made by comparing with the goals in the budget campaign result separated by both methods.

Apart from all these, the value of an Influencer Marketing campaign is evaluated on three different criteria; Social Access, Original Content and Consumer Confidence. The first criterion of a successful campaign must be high social access and engagement, on the other hand, in today’s fast-paced world, this is generally possible with genuine and original content. In addition, there must be a good trust relationship between the Influencers and their followers, which is one of the most important factors in directing the consumer to the advertised product. What is Influencer Marketing – (Source: Wikipedia)