Do not hesitate to contact us, communicate with us. We do not have hard conditions. Especially if you are a digital influencer and you want to work with big brands, it would be enough to leave us with your contact information and briefly describing yourself. We will call you. Do not forget there is no must that you have to work with us. If you are applying as a Digital Influencer, mark the “What is Your Action and Genre” section as “Talent”. Do you want to promote your brand or products digitally with performance advertising methods? Do you want Video Production? You are at the right place. In the right social media, we will be waiting for you to get the most traffic with the right influencers. If you are applying for a trademark, it is enough to mark it as “Brand”.


Three Important Steps


ONE: Whatever you call it; Talent, Influencer (influencer marketing), Vlogger, Digital Influencer. We choose Talent, which can be best suited to the brand, platform independent (Youtube, Vine, Twitter, Twitch, Instagram, Scorp, Periscope etc …) and can distribute the brand organically with the best promotion. It could be a digital celebrity, an artist, or an athlete.


TWO: Idea; We use both the brand and the Talent to create attention with the best idea. It is the most important point for us that the idea must be creative, but most of all it will bring value and traffic to the brand.


THREE: Production; By combining Idea and Talent, we are preparing the best “production” for the brand (Product) and we start with the expansion. By the “production” we mean, viral shoots, special creative shoots and sometimes live broadcast interactions in place.


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